Become UnScared

We are currently taking in new members, so waste no time and become UnScared! Below is the option to take the first step and directly book an Intake and Onboarding session. Just select a day and time that works for you and we'll set you up with one of our private coaches to get you on your way! If you would rather first get a taste of training at UnScared, we recommend booking an Intro Class or just swinging by the gym for a free cup of quality coffee and a chat with our coaches and members. See you soon!

Sign up for an intake

Your PRIVATE coach

After your intake we schedule meetings with the the same coach every 3 months. Think of this private coach as your case manager at UnScared. Your coach is fully aware of your current training goals and will help you improve with specific recommendations on movement technique, mobility, stress reduction, diet and sleeping habits. Within each membership type, four 30-minute private coaching sessions per year are included.


kettlebell small

2 x per week

9 credits per month


kettlebell medium

3 x per week

13 credits per month


kettlebell large


26 credits per month



Included within each membership

  • Access to CrossFit, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting classes
  • Four 30 minute private coaching sessions per year
  • Monthly contract: you can stop, pause, up- or downgrade your membership at any time
  • Unlimited coffee and tea at the box
  • The best coaching staff and community out there.