Jochem Oldenbroek

Co-owner and coach

Jochem is a co-owner at UnScared. After having worked in the gym for three years he now resides in Sweden with his family. As head of marketing for Eleiko he still works closely with Willem on a strategic level and still loves strong cappuchinos.


Willem Hilberdink

Co-owner and coach

Willem is a coach at UnScared CrossFit and one of the co-owners. A former personal trainer, powerlifter and Philosophy graduate at Utrecht University, he is now responsible for the day-to-day operations at UnScared as well as marketing and social media. Willem's favourite things are caffeinated drinks, cheese and unnecessarily long conversations and parties.


Jeremy Regensburg

Head Strength Coach

Jeremy is an allround strength training enthusiast, emphasizing olympic weightlifting and some martial arts on the side. He currently works as UnScared's head strength coach and resident nerd. After a childhood of playing video games, avoiding sports, being obese and faking stomach aches so he wouldn't have to go to swimming class, he finally found a passion in martial arts and strength training at the age of 20. He is as committed to getting the people at UnScared stronger as he is to spreading his love for board games.


Kevin van Helden

Head Coach

Kevin is a coach at UnScared CrossFit. He has been coaching for 5 years now, mainly focussed on CrossFit and weightlifting, but also works as a personal trainer and strength PIMP. The former waterpolo player and strongman is passionate about helping people get better in whatever sports related discipline they are or life in general. The barbell is his buddy, partner, savior, medicine, favourite piece of furniture, weapon, Mjolnir and broomstick. Also, he believes there is a Hulk. At UnScared Kevin hopes to contribute to the awesome team, by doing what he does!

Edward Fijan

Full Time Coach

Edward is a full-time coach at UnScared and has a broad range of experience in many different sports such as soccer, track and field and kickboxing. However, he always missed something in these sports. When he ran into CrossFit it combined everything he searched for in a sport. CrossFit challenged him to train every aspect of his fitness. This resulted into a serious addiction to improve and optimise his movements. Because Edward used to always be a teacher in physical exercise at a high school, he has a lot of experience in teaching and improving movement. His passion is to help people progress and improve their movement regardless of their current fitness level. He also loves to help people in discovering what their body is capable of.  His ambition is to grow as a CrossFit trainer and definitely also as a CrossFit athlete.


Madelon van Zanten

Full Time Coach

Madelon a.k.a Mads is one of our Full Time CrossFit coaches and a former physical therapist. She has spent many hours in the swimming pool to perform as a butterfly swimmer. After she quit she began to train in a regular gym until she fell in love with CrossFit. Since she decided to compete in several events she trains every day to get stronger, better and fitter to stay in the top 10 of the Netherlands. As a proud member of UnScared Crossfit she is excited to coach all the members and get the best out of them.


Sanne Bijleveld


Sanne 'Billenveld' has a background in professional dancing. After performing and giving dance classes for two years, she wanted to do something else and is now studying law. She fell in love with CrossFit because of the diversity. Since she switched from CrossFit to Olympic Weightlifting, she's won two overall Dutch national titles and competed at the European level. Sanne loves to throw heavy barbells around, coach and eat copious amounts of candy. She's also a star at making you laugh during your class. 

Cecily Sadowski


Cecily devoted most of her young life to competitive swimming and gymnastics, only to discover Unscared and fall in love with Crossfit and olympic weightlifting. She now spends her days studying veterinary medicine, doing snatches and baking protein filled goods. Don’t let her love of puppies and British accent deceive you however, her puns are still unBEARable.

Cecily [at]

Ben Remington


Ben comes to UnScared from the US and is a lover of all sports that use your hands. He formerly played American football for his university as well as club level basketball, baseball and athletics. Upon finding CrossFit there was an instant connection due to the positive, team oriented community of people working to be their best and he's been hooked ever since. He's looking forward to helping forge a community of fitter people, butchering the Dutch language and also getting a few workouts in himself. Biggest vice: Coffee and chocolate, preferably together, acceptable apart.

Mariska Korssen


Mariska has a background in training and coaching gymnastics skills. The fact that she works with kids as an elementary school teacher surely helps her keep all the athletes in check during class! Mariska is also UnScared's Pre- and Post-natal Training coach, helping women stay fit during and right after their pregnancy.  

Mariska [at]



Most of the time you will find Fred around the weightlifting platform. During most of his university years he coached rowing and strength training and he is still a seasonal rowing coach. He was introduced to CrossFit and loved the hard-working gritty mentality that is needed to finish a WOD. He stayed however for weightlifting. His wife is fully aware she has to share him with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. He is excited to help starting and advanced athletes in improving their weightlifting skills! Strengths: Shouting at barbells. Weaknesses: Roast porkbelly & beer.



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