Eleiko has been the leading equipment brand in weightlifting for decades. Recently they have developed an entire new XF line for CrossFit as well. We are proud and excited to tell you UnScared is fully Eleiko equipped; from the bars and the bumpers to the platforms, rig and kettlebells. UnScared also regularly hosts Eleiko training and education programs.


With iconic products like the Nano, Lifters and its board shorts collection Reebok has revolutionized the way we look at our work out gear. And they work from a set of cool values too: with their most recent 'be more human' campaign we feel like they have just released an UnScared CrossFit advert. Our trainers are dressed by Reebok and in conjunction with them we've developed our own apparel! Lastly, we have presented some very cool ideas for future activities which will be supported by Reebok. Think product launches and community events and you get the picture.