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At UnScared, we have an obsession for quality coaching. We believe any athlete deserves professional training standards. Whether you like to lift heavy weights, run long miles or walk on your hands, you will feel right at home.

Serving as a knowledge hub for both athletes, coaches and visitors we like to think UnScared CrossFit brings together like-minded people from all walks of life. Come and check us out at our unique industrial estate near Utrecht Central Station.


UnScared CrossFit

CrossFit founder and coach Greg Glassmann teaches us to relentlessly pursue excellence. We do just that, in our training and care of you, the athlete. CrossFit prepares you to be fit for life, through constant variation in workouts with functional movements executed at high intensity.



Powerlifting & Weightlifting

Witnessing a perfectly executed snatch is mesmerizing. So is the amount of strength, coordination, balance and flexibility needed to perform this lift. Together with the clean and jerk this is what olympic weightlifting is all about.




A physical therapist shouldn’t be someone you meet once you’re injured. We’d rather see our fysio Tim Knaapen as a performance therapist who is focused on preventing injury. That’s why we include a personal movement screening in our on-ramp sessions.


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Are you new to CrossFit? Want to know more about the methodology or just experience our gym for once? Every Saturday we offer a free trial class where you can do just that. Just sign up for a trial account here and book your spot.

If you are already convinced and want to get started straight away you can sign up for our on-ramp without completing the free trial class.




Every new member starts here. In small groups we spend 4 hours to talk about UnScared CrossFit and move around. 

Please note the on-ramp is compulsory for athletes of all levels. We want to get to know you as a person and an athlete before we start training you!

We have reached our member capacity at UnScared CrossFit. You can apply for the membership waiting list. We hope to welcome you aboard as soon as possible!



Pick a membership which suits your schedule. Two/three times a week or unlimited training are available.  All membership rates are on a ‘per month basis’ and give access to all CrossFit, weightlifting and powerlifting classes.


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